If you are a person living with a disability or a carer of someone who does, it is important that you are informed about NDIS eligibility. The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian Government scheme that provides financial assistance to people living with disabilities and their families. It is important that you understand how the NDIS works and whether you are eligible for assistance. 

This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about NDIS eligibility. Read on to learn more!

NDIS eligibility requirements: Do you qualify?

The first step to accessing the NDIS is determining whether you are eligible for assistance. Eligibility is determined by your age, residency status and the nature of your impairment or condition, as well as its impact on your daily functions. To be assessed as eligible for NDIS support, an individual must meet three criteria:

  • Be an Australian citizen or have a permanent visa and be living in Australia at the time of their application. 
  • Be under 65 years old when they apply for support from the NDIS. (My Aged Care applies over 65)
  • Have a permanent (lifelong) disability, impairment and/or condition that prevents them from doing everyday tasks on their own.

For example, a person with a disability may be unable to go grocery shopping or cook their own dinner without the assistance of another person. This would provide solid standards for NDIS eligibility.

Are there other factors?

In addition to the three main eligibility criteria, there are a few other things that need to be taken into account when applying for NDIS support. These include:

  • The type of disability or impairment an individual has.
  • How severe the disability is and how it affects the person’s everyday life.
  • Whether the person is already receiving support from another service provider.

When applying for NDIS eligibility, the National Disability Insurance Agency may request information about your disability, developmental delay or early intervention needs. This may include supplying copies of existing letters, assessments or reports from health or educational professionals outlining your impairment and its impact on your daily life.

What disabilities are supported by NDIS?

The NDIS can support people with a wide range of disabilities and impairments, including physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and sensory impairments. To be eligible for the NDIS, you do not need to have a specific diagnosis. The National Disability Insurance Agency will evaluate your individual situation to see if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Does the NDIS not support certain disabilities?

The NDIS does not support people with needs whose disability, developmental delays or early intervention is likely to be temporary. For example, the NDIS will not support a child who is in the process of recovering from surgery. If you’re not sure whether your child meets the eligibility criteria, you can contact the National Disability Insurance Agency to discuss your situation. The NDIS will work with you to determine whether your child is eligible for support.

How do I apply for the NDIS?

You can apply for the NDIS online or by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency directly. You don’t need to have a diagnosis to apply and there is no waiting list for access to the scheme.

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