Managing Life Stages

At Integrity Disability Hub, we help our clients develop the skills to live independently and also be independent when accessing community and social activities.

We offer one-on-one support which includes:

assisting with the development of daily skills such as cooking, menu planning, house cleaning, laundry and budget planning

linking you to community, leisure and cultural activities

building skills to use local facilities and services such as banks, shops, public transport and recreational facilities

supporting you to become more involved with others in the community, and to experience a variety of activities and relationships

finding the right service e.g. in-home care, counselling and/or leisure

assisting with referrals to health and social support professionals

finding a job

finding a place to live

identifying eligible funding support

assisting with funding applications

working with family members or support networks to resolve issues • advocacy

assisting you in the transition to NDIS

Integrity Disability Hub offers these services free of charge for eligible clients.
We have priority of access to our service for eligible clients:

having severe or multiple disabilities

geographic or social isolation

lack of personal support networks

people who are not currently employed, in training or in a day service

people whose support arrangements are in jeopardy


We have a dedicated team of support workers who value our clients and guide them through support programs to train them to be more independent. We also have experienced support coordinators who link our clients with community access and other services tailored to their needs.
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Let us get back to you

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