NDIS Sydney

Registered Support Provider for Participants of NDIS in Sydney

Integrity Disability Hub is a registered support provider for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS in Sydney. Our accredited staff offer a range of in-home and social support services to assist our clients in daily tasks and more to help them live to their full potential no matter their disability.


The Importance of an NDIS Provider in Sydney

Having a trusted NDIS contact in Sydney is key to improving the quality of life for yourself or a person in your care who requires additional assistance with daily living due to a permanent disability.

  • A client with a disability may need support with transportation in Sydney and working with an NDIS support provider who knows the area is essential to successfully assist with travelling to appointments, work, or anywhere else. We can arrange transportation and aid with gaining independence to use public transport.
  • In an emergency, you need an NDIS support provider that can come at a moment’s notice to help when there is an urgent problem that requires professional attention. We offer emergency care should the need arise, giving you peace of mind that we will be there for you when you need us.
  • For domestic support or even overnight stays, it is beneficial to have an NDIS service provider that is local and can quickly come to help with any task such as house cleaning, personal hygiene, shopping support, or assistance overnight.

What You Should Know about NDIS Service Providers in Sydney

As you look for a Sydney NDIS provider, there are factors you should consider for the best quality support for yourself or someone in your care.

  • You should ensure that the NDIS provider you hire is registered and funded by NDIS and that the staff are fully accredited to offer support services with Police Checks and Working with Children Checks. Integrity Disability Hub staff are trained professionals with all the necessary accreditations and education to safely and effectively serve our clients.
  • Search for a provider who offers comprehensive support packages to cover all your needs from daily living assistance and transportation coordination to social support groups and workshops. We provide a wide range of services with nursing help, emergency care, overnight stays, and stage of life support among many more so that each client can receive complete care through one company, simplifying their ability to grow and gain comfort with us.
  • Customised care tailored to your personal needs is crucial to reach your full potential with a support service provider because they can meet you where you are and facilitate your individual growth. No two clients are the same, which is why you need an NDIS support provider who will cater their services to your unique situation.


Our clients are our top priority, and we go above and beyond to enable each person we work with to live the life they deserve.


Why Clients Should Use Integrity Disability Hub

Integrity Disability Hub is a registered NDIS provider in Sydney offering clients who qualify for NDIS a range of home-support services and more to help them lead their best lives possible. We have a diverse staff with extensive training who provide compassionate care and support to our clients tailored to their individual needs. Whether our clients requested help for themselves or their carers are in charge, we handle every case with one-on-one support and customised care that helps the client achieve greater independence and confidence in their daily living. We cater to all budgets with affordable services and NDIS funding so that anyone who needs assisted living and social support can access it.


Please contact us for a personal consultation about our support services to see how we can help.