Social Activities

Integrity Disability Hub encourages people with a disability to access community and social activities to be more independent and to participate in community activities with or without a support worker present. We encourage our clients to engage in a broad range of community activities such as group activities, events and outings, and joining a class.
We can design a range of social activities and plan it tailored to your individual goals and interests which may include:

accessing the library

accessing sporting events such as a football match

watching a movie at the cinemas

visiting the gym

accessing swimming centres

accessing training and educational programs in the community

going for a coffee

playing cards or board games

visiting a friend

watching TV with you

escorting you to the shops

teaching you how to use a computer

reading correspondence or newspapers to you

attending a sporting event

holding your hand when you need extra reassurance


We have dedicated support coordinators who¬†work closely with the client’s goals and aims, and can design for them a tailored social event that suits their interests. We have a team of support workers who can assist our clients during the event and outings programs. We have experienced staff who offer support to facilitate access to major community events and assist our clients to be more independent.
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