At Integrity Disability Hub, we understand that social inclusion is an essential part of our clients’ overall well-being. Social connections can help people living with disabilities to feel a sense of belonging, increase their self-esteem, and improve their mental health. That’s why we make it our priority to NDIS support our clients in building and maintaining meaningful connections within their community.

Here’s how we help our national disability insurance scheme clients with social inclusion:

Individualised NDIS Plans

We work with our clients to create personalised NDIS plans that reflect their unique needs, interests and goals. Our plans are design to ensure our clients have the supports and services they require to participate in community activities and events. This can include transportation to community events, social groups and sporting activities.

Support Coordination

Our NDIS support coordinators are dedicate to helping our clients navigate the complex NDIS system. They work with our clients to understand their individual goals and needs, and then provide them with the necessary support to access the services and supports they need to participate in their community.

Community Access

We support our clients to connect with local community services, organisations and events. We encourage and help them to participate in activities that interest them, such as art classes, sports clubs and social groups. Our team also assists our clients to develop new friendships and support networks within the community.

Skill Development

We provide our clients with training and support to develop the skills they need to engage in social activities and make meaningful connections with others. This can include communication skills, social skills, and self-advocacy skills.

Family Support

We recognise that families play an essential role in supporting their loved ones with disabilities. That’s why we offer family support services to ensure that families have the necessary resources and knowledge to support their family member’s social inclusion.

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Social inclusion is vital for the overall well-being of people living with disabilities. At Integrity Disability Hub, we are committed to supporting our clients in building and maintaining meaningful connections within their community. Through personalised NDIS plans, support coordination, community access, skill development and family support, we strive to help our clients live their best lives. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit our website.