When Integrity Disability staff come to your home to help with your personal care, they understand how important it is that special care is taken with all activities, particularly those that could cause injury – bathing, showering, shaving and transfer to and from bed, to name a few.

People with disability are often at greater risk for health problems and injury that can result in wounds. This could include people who are not very mobile, are confined to bed, or use a wheelchair.

Depending on the type, some wounds last for a long time and if unattended can have a significant risk to life.

People with fatigue as part of their disability or as a result of medication are at greater risk of falls that can result in wounds.

This is Wound Awareness Week and a timely reminder to make sure that support staff check carefully for wounds that the client may not be aware of and ensure good medical care.

We are also trained in basic wound care and medication management.

If you do not think that wound care and accident prevention is enough of a priority with your provider, contact us for a discussion about you or your loved one’s needs.