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Therapeutic Support

Providing you with the most appropriate support that meets your needs and assists you in developing your everyday living skills.

What exactly is therapeutic support?

Therapeutic support & the NDIS

It is fairly common for your plan to include funding for NDIS therapeutic supports. For qualifying participants, a wide range of therapeutic services are available and each treatment must be delivered by a registered provider. As an NDIS participant, the bulk of therapeutic assistance you require will be covered by your plan’s Improved Daily Living category; aiding in the improvement of your daily life abilities. Therapies in the Improved Relationships category help you engage with people, whereas activities in the Improved Health & Wellbeing area help you support, maintain and develop your physical mobility and wellbeing.


What exactly is therapeutic support?

The purpose of NDIS therapeutic supports is to help you gain independence and participate in everyday, practical activities. Language and communication, mobility and movement, personal care, interpersonal relationships and community life are all included. The Integrity Disability Hub provides a variety of Therapeutic Support Services. Our registered social workers will be able to give you with the most suitable help depending on individual goals.

Planning your NDIS

We are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities at Integrity Disability Hub because we think that everyone has the right to get the assistance they require. We cultivate partnerships with the local community, health experts, service providers and most importantly, you, to give the best possible outcomes to assist you in living a fulfilling life. We are a knowledgeable team of NDIS Plan Managers and Support Coordinators with a people-first mindset. As everyone's circumstances are unique, we will assist you in tailoring your NDIS plan to you, taking into account factors such as age, gender and family relationships.
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