Imagine if you, as a person with disability, or as a carer of someone with disability started enjoying greater social activity and stronger relationships. You felt happier, more confident, greater self-esteem and well-being. You were getting fitter, stronger, and had more social connections.

An American research paper, (Health-Promoting Nature Access for People with Mobility Impairments: A Systematic Review) reports these as the outcomes of spending time in nature.

Sometimes, despite the benefits, getting into nature can be difficult, but every year the Aussie Backyard Bird Count gives us an opportunity to enjoy nature without having to go too far from home, without even having to leave your home as long as you have access to a window!

The Aussie Bird Count connects you with birds in your backyard. They ask you to count the birds in your backyard (or local park, street, or other nearby place) over a 20 minute period.

You can count as many times as you like over the week, as long as each count is completed over a 20-minute period. The data collected assists BirdLife Australia in understanding more about the birds that live where people live.

You just need to download the app which also helps you to identify the birds.

Its easy to do – this video shows you how.

Please get involved, help BirdLife Australia to get more data on our feathered friends and enjoy nature and all the benefits that being in nature gives you.