Imagine waking in the morning and having to wait for someone to help you to get out of bed. Help with showering and dressing. Someone who is responsible for making sure that your clothes are laundered and presentable. That breakfast is nutritious and tasty and you may be reliant on someone to feed it to us.

Some people with disability are forced to put an enormous amount of trust in others. Integrity Disability Hub understands and recognises that trust and we are grateful and humbled by it.

Our staff know that they can be partly responsible for the success or otherwise of our client’s day. They need to be punctual, they need to pay attention to detail and they need to bring their sense of humour and excellent people skills to work with them every day.

We put great importance on excellent service and we are proud of our ability to meet our client’s needs.

If you would like to feel confident that your day could start well because your NDIS service provider cared deeply about your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us.