Sections of our community do not understand or appreciate difference because people who are ‘different’ are rarely seen on media.

An important part of raising awareness and acceptance for people with disability is to include their images and stories in popular culture.

For that reason, it is encouraging that Apple has introduced a cochlear implant option for your Memoji. Two other options are oxygen tubes and a soft helmet. Imagine having a cochlear implant or similar and then seeing someone else’s Memoji including a cochlear implant. These steps make a real difference to the sense of inclusion for people with disability and to move towards disability inclusion in our community.

As a service provider to people with disability, Integrity Disability Hub sees the what exclusion can do to both our clients and their families. We celebrate inclusion at all times.

To make a Memoji,
Open Messages, tap on the Memoji icon then the three dots on the side to edit
1. Go to the ears tab
2. Go to audio and select cochlear implant
3. Done