For many of us, disability is not static. It changes over time, some people finding that with the services that they are receiving that they are closer to meeting their goals, and others finding that the services they receive no longer meet their needs.

January is a good time to review your disability support services to make sure that they are continuing to assist you as much as possible.
NDIS has some information available about the steps in changing your plan

Some things to think about include:

Behaviour support
Our Behaviour Support Program creates strategies to meet your needs. They could include strategies that reduce the occurrence and impact of behaviours that trouble you and decrease the need for restrictive practices.

Social Activities
We know that being connected to community makes a difference to our wellbeing. We can support you to access your local library, a sporting event, a visit to the cinema, or out for a coffee. If this is something that you do not currently access, it may be something that we can help you with.

Daily Assistance
You might need more support in your daily activities than you did when you were first assessed. We can help you with housekeeping, gardening, shopping and other daily activities to give you a better quality of life.

Take a look at our website to see what other services are available!